Jobs program update

12:45. I just finished my morning jobs class session (well and then had lunch) and it was amazing. Today we did mock job interviews.

I stayed up half the night not preparing for mine, procrastinating by doing much needed things such as cleaning my entire office space instead. The instructor later says she does that too and it’s like a kind of preparing and cogitating for something, in a less tangible way than direct preparation.

Whatever it was, it ultimately worked for me. I was terrified, terrified of it all, but also not really. But the interview went amazingly. Two of my classmates, acting as interviewers, asked some amazing questions and I somehow managed to answer uncharacteristically thoughtfully and clearly. The main ingredients I employed were:

  • total honesty, but keeping it work-related and positive
  • brevity
  • mindset of teamwork: it wasn’t “me against them,” but me working *with* the interviewers of the imagined organization, trying to decide together if we would be the right fit for each other.

What an empowering experience. Of course, this was much easier than a real job interview, I guess, in that these are people I have grown very comfortable with, i.e. it’s like a kind of friendly family. But still good practice.

If you are lost and struggling with what to do with your life, check your local government jobs programs. If you get an opportunity to meet regularly with other members of your community, yes even if online and even if you don’t like yourself on video, I recommend trying this. It’s been amazing for me.

Now I have to run to the (online) afternoon session for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. Excited to see what happens in the classroom there. The teacher is from Vancouver and supposed to be really good.

Thanks for reading; hope you’re all well.

Lots of love!

xoxo :)) N




edit/nts: site made private shortly after this.

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